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March 4, 2013

This Bugs Me

This Bugs Me

Saturday was a beautiful warm (nearly summer warm) day here in California. It was only about 7:30 in the morning when my friend Wendy and I went out for a run. It’s worth noting right here that Wendy is tall and me – well – at 5 foot I am officially short.

When we leave our neighborhood we can run a few different ways, but on a sunny day, it’s great to head north and into Huntington Beach because on that route there are no houses along the waterfront so you get the full warmth of the sun and uncluttered views of the ocean and beach and it’s pretty great.IMG_3678

To get there, we have to cross the Santa Ana River. Saturday, at that hour, the tide was very low and the river was less flowing water than a big mud flat. Wendy and I are running and talking and as we cross the river, to my most unpleasant surprise, I get a face full of tiny little bugs. They are in my nose, my eyes, my mouth. Yuk!

I look at Wendy who seems unflustered. Waving my hands in front of my face such that I don’t inhale more insects than necessary I say Aren’t these little bugs making you crazy???

Wendy: What bugs? Continue reading…

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August 11, 2012
June 14, 2012

A Rocky Moment

A Rocky Moment







So while I sit around not running this week waiting on my ultrasound results, I might as well tell you about some other things.

At the end of May, I had the pleasure of going to Philadelphia and attending the annual meeting of the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists. I had not been to Philadelphia since I was a teenager, and was hoping to get out at least a little and see some of the city.

Since I took up running, and I travel often for work, it has become kind of a fun adventure to find cool places to run when I am away from home. When it turned out that the Philadelphia Museum of Art was almost exactly a mile and a half from my hotel…well, how could I resist. And, yes, I took a picture with the statue too. And no, I am not going to post that. Continue reading…

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May 17, 2012
April 25, 2012

Life In Motion

Life In Motion

Flow with whatever is happening and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.
~ Chuang Tzu

I chose running as an exercise in part because my life is crazy. As a busy single working mom, exercise is a thing that – if I want to do it regularly – has to be adaptable to any number of situations and environments. It has to be flexible, spontaneous, and ready when I am.

I travel a lot for work – and I work a lot. Once in a while I am lucky enough to get a vacation. Recently, I had the interesting fortune of being able to combine the two.

I was invited faculty at the meeting of the Obesity Surgery Society of Australia and New Zealand (OSSANZ), which took place in Darwin, Northern Territory. The dates of the conference happened to coincide with Spring Break for my children (who thought it was funny that they were going to have Spring Break someplace where it was Fall), so I took them along. The deal was that they had to put up with mom working for 3 days and then they got vacation in Australia. They enthusiastically agreed that this was worth it.

I could tell lots of stories about our trip. The kids were great. They had a wonderful time – we had a wonderful time. However what I want to tell you about is running. I thought I might show you what it looks like to run when you are on a working vacation in a foreign country with two kids in tow. Continue reading…

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April 16, 2012
April 13, 2012

The Joy of Foreign Treadmills

The Joy of Foreign Treadmills

Rather than run through the streets of Darwin in the searing afternoon heat, I opted yesterday for the hotel treadmill. As I have noted before, one thing that brought me to running was the “portable” aspect. Minimal gear (not to say that I have not amassed an assortment…), and can be done just about anywhere.

I wish I had a picture of every treadmill I have ever run on. Some of them are seriously dangerous, funny, or placed in really strange places like behind the hotel kitchen, in a converted guest room, or – I swear – a storage room. But they seem to be almost everywhere, so if I can’t run outside for reasons such as weather or safety, a treadmill always seems to be an option.

In the US, we are remarkably attached to our imperial systems of measurement. We stubbornly stick to pounds, gallons, and miles while the rest of the world (at least most of it) long ago moved to metrics and uses kilos, liters, and kilometers. So mostly we are disadvantaged when we travel abroad – we don’t know how far apart things are or what on earth the temperature is.

But there is one, very small advantage. And really, you can only call it an advantage if you can suspend disbelief for a little while. I have a great imagination, so this completely works for me.

You see, treadmills in places like Australia or India are 100% in metrics. So when you run you you see these astonishing numbers…and at the end of 30 minutes even though I know somewhere I have only run about 3 miles or so – it like I have run twice that (is that why we use kilometers for races in the US when nothing else is that way?) and it also looks like I have been running really fast – because my speed shows km/hr.

And yeah – I know it’s silly, but I really do feel like a superhero when I see those numbers even though I know they are all in my head and I am not going any farther or faster.

So here is to being a “dumb American” – if only for a day.

It’s Friday the 13th here in Darwin, Australia. Hope you are feeling lucky.

Next time from Sydney.



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April 11, 2012
April 9, 2012
April 1, 2012