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March 30, 2012

Fun With Food

Fun With Food

It’s a well known secret of the inner circle of nutrition professionals, that most of us who are into nutrition, also love food. So when I heard that this very smart woman named Lindsay had started a program to get people to exchange food care packages, I could not wait to sign up. You can read about this very fun project (and learn how you can do it too) on her blog The Lean Green Bean. She has a lot of other great information there too, so look around.

For those of you who follow along with this blog, you know I am on the road a bit for work. At the beginning of the month, I had let my first “food penpal,” – Katy Beth (who blogs over at Curly Runner Bug Moves In) – know that I was off to Europe and not back until the 15th, so she nicely timed her delivery to meet my schedule (thank you Katy Beth!)

She may not know this, but as a business traveler, I empty my house of most food before each trip of more than a few days. So on the 15th of March, knowing I was arriving to a house empty of most food, a cool box of treats waiting on my front porch felt like Christmas.

Here is what I got in the box:

How fun!

A truth about food is that by the time most of us are adults we are pretty fixed in our ways and we don’t tend to try new stuff. I could already see that there was one thing I really wanted to open:

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