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January 23, 2012

Looking at My Legs

Looking at My Legs

My very earliest internal conversations about taking up running started with a critical assessment of my legs. Specifically an assessment of my thighs.

I come from a long line of short (I am 5 feet tall), curvy (trust me) women. Growing up in coastal Southern California, where the ideal of beauty is 5 foot 7 and blonde with long lean legs, I always felt a bit cheated. Even as a kid I was pretty sure my lifetime would not see the rise of medical treatment to make me look like that.

Generally, I have never been over-critical of the way I look – but it has always seemed to me that regardless of my weight or fitness level my legs stubbornly stay attached to an extra layer of fat that I just cannot seem to rid myself of. I have spent countless hours over the years looking in the mirror and thinking “If only…”

To get an idea of how much I really dislike my thighs, I live in Southern California and I have not worn a pair of shorts outside of my house in recent memory. At least not if I thought anyone would see me.

Several months before my last birthday I was having one of these contemplative  moments in the mirror and I started bargaining with myself. I am bargaining about liposuction. The conversation sounds like this: Continue reading…

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