March 2, 2012

My Life – and Other Endurance Sports

My Life – and Other Endurance Sports






Endurance is patience concentrated.
~ Thomas Carlyle

I am writing this this morning from my home airport – Santa Ana John Wayne.

Today marks the beginning of a very busy Spring of travel…Seattle, Austria, Italy, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Texas.

This morning I was up and running on my treadmill at 4 am and thinking:

My life is like one long exercise in sprinting from here to here to here…why on Earth am I up when I could be asleep? Why am I running now when I am sure that sometime later today I will run to a meeting or to catch a cab or do the special sprint between terminals in 4 inch heels (I dare you guys…)

I guess there is not an easy answer to this. I am running because I said I would. I am running because I can and because it is helping me achieve the physical goal I want to achieve before I reach whatever we might call “old.” I am running because it is the only thing I can really make time to do in a life that never seems to slow down or stop long enough these days for me to do anything else.

My life does feel like an endurance sport some days. Like I need to keep fit just to keep up with the daily demands.


Here we go.

Happy Friday!


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