February 22, 2012

Going On The Road, Hoping Not to Freeze

Going On The Road, Hoping Not to Freeze

Starting tomorrow, I am headed to Utah for the annual Minimally Invasive Surgery Symposium.  I have been attending this event for the past 10 years, and I always look forward to it.  It is usually held in someplace snowy in mid-February, so the participants (like me) often spend a bit of time enjoying the local recreation.

I tried learning to snowboard for a few years, but this year I intend to go back to skis.

I also intend to try running in the cold. I am telling you all of this because – native beach girl that I am – I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with cold. I love to look at snow, I love mountains, I love being in big snowy mountains. I just hate to be cold. When it comes to winter sports, I have done everything from cross-country skiing to winter camping – and as long as I can stay warm I am pretty happy.  But the minute I am really cold, it sort of sucks all the fun out of me.

Being new to running, I have not done much about gear.  Until a few days ago, I was thinking: Treadmill. Then I thought again. This year of running is supposed to be, in part, about having an experience and really learning about running and myself and my tolerances for all sorts of things. I have several upcoming trips to cold mountain-y places (Utah, the Austrian Alps, Lake Louise in Alberta…for work, I swear) so I figure that if I am going to have an experience of cold weather running I am headed to a few very beautiful locations to do just that. Might as well have some picture of snow-covered majestic mountains to contract with all my beach pictures, right…

Then I thought: I am going to be freezing.

So a couple of days ago I made a venture to my local sports store and went for it. Warm running pants, some good layers, a hat, gloves – I really had no idea what I needed so I went for a few simple pieces and I hope I have chosen well enough to strike a balance between Warm Enough and Able to Still Move.  Having not even tried this yet, I am feeling all sorts of new respect for the runners I know who run outside all year long in places like Toronto. Brrrrrrr. Where I live it is 72 degrees F today and sunny – and let me remind you that it is the middle of winter. Don’t hate me.

But do look for the updates, because they might be interesting.

Also – if any of you cold-weather native have good tips…feel free!

Wish me luck!




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  1. Lena
    February 22, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    Well, I don’t know anything about running in cold weather but I do know if you are going to Salt Lake you want to go here:


    Maybe not the best choice with an obesity conference but you will need to be well-fueled for all that cold weather running…

    • Jacqueline Jacques
      February 22, 2012 at 3:30 am #

      Oh my…