January 6, 2012

Off to Phoenix

Off to Phoenix

One thing that is part of my life is travel. My work demands a certain amount of time on the road, in hotels, airports, etc.

Travel is an interesting challenge when it comes to sticking to my running. This morning, I woke late and didn’t have time to run – so if I want to get in a few miles it’s going to be the hotel treadmill or finding a route near the hotel that I am comfortable with. Usually, I chose the hotel gym, but I am getting a bit more brave these days. On this particular trip, I have an advance invite to run with a couple of the other meeting attendees…so we will see how that goes!

The meeting today is with one of my favorite non-profits in the world – The Obesity Action Coalition – of which I am a board member. I hope that you will take some time to read a little more about our work.

Happy Friday to All!


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