January 27, 2012

Of Picture-Perfect Sunsets

Of Picture-Perfect Sunsets

Sometimes it is simply important to stop and reflect and think about what you are grateful for.

Yesterday I left my office at 4:30 after a long day of meetings and headed for home to run. I was tired and I was going to squeeze the run in before my 6pm conference call – so I didn’t have a whole lot of time.

I walk in my door, rush up the stairs and quickly change and tie back my hair. Maybe I’ll just run on the treadmill I think – but then I glance outside.

It’s the kind of winter day that people in the rest of the world don’t think of as winter – the kind we can only have in Southern California (don’t hate us). It is cooling from being in the high 70s and there is a breeze picking up on the ocean and the sun is moving on down towards the horizon.

I head straight out the front door.

In less than two minutes I am running along the Pacific Coast Highway. And 10 minutes later, I cross the road and am running right along the edge of the sand. I look out at the water which is very still and the sun as it approaches sunset and I realize that even though I live here and I see this all the time it never ceases to take my breath away.

I live in what other people only think of as postcards.

And one thing running allows me to do it to take 20-30-40 minutes of peace and solitude to be grateful for this.

When I post all these pictures of the beach on my blog, it is not in any way to try to boast or brag – but truly, I want to share all that I love and appreciate with as many people as I can.  Some days I have something good to say, but others, well, others the best I can do is to offer up a bit of what I love about my life.

I am running. I am running at the beach by the ocean at sunset.

I hope you can love it a bit too.



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