December 23, 2011

Things I Like #1 – An App That Matches Music to My Pace

(This post represents the first of what I intend to be an ongoing series of Things I Like. Along with learning to run, I am discovering all sorts of new things that make my experience better. Hopefully some of them will be fun for you too.)

I have been trying to find things that make my running more fun. Ok, in truth it might be more accurate to say that I have been looking for things that appropriately distract me. Two things, music and audiobooks, are definitely good and make the run seem to go faster if I can get engaged enough.

Without music life would be a mistake – Nietzsche

As I have been running with music, I have definitely noticed (I am sure this must be something that all experienced runners just know, but no one told me), that my pace is impacted by the music I listen to. As I looked into this more, I found several pre-set play lists online that were “paced” – 9-minute mile, 10-minute mile, etc. I tried a few, but found that most still lost my interest since they were not the kind of music I like.

This week I found This is a very cool app. When you install it on your device (iPhone in my case) is analyzes your music library. Then you tell it your pace and it pulls music from your library that matches. My music at my pace – brilliant. If you don’t input a pace, this program will automatically provide music to match the pace at which it senses you are running (or walking or biking, etc).  In addition, it lets you set songs that energize you that you can play at the tap of a button, and you can set favorites as well as “blacklisted songs” – this way the program sort of get smarter, and you get both music that suits your run and music you like. Personally, I am really loving this. My gratitude to the smart people who create things like this that I can benefit from.

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