December 22, 2011

Are you really writing about that?

Are you really writing about that?

In my professional career, I am known as an obesity and nutrition expert. Over the years, I have been very lucky to make friends with brilliant and talented people like Dr Arya Sharma, the Chair of Obesity Research at University of Edmonton, Alberta. If you want to know what is important in obesity, you not only know who Dr Sharma is, you definitely follow his blog ( So when I was starting this blog, I wanted to let him preview it.

We had an email exchange that went like this:

Me – You know I am writing a running blog, not a nutrition blog, right?

Dr Sharma – The world needs another running blog?!?! Just kidding – simply don’t want you to get too sucked up into this running stuff – those folks tend to get fanatical and are hard to be around – all I see them do is talk about their last marathon and their plans for the next one – BOOOOOOOORING!

Me – Exactly, I hope this will be the antidote the fanatical running blog. I have found personal frustration that as someone who really does not love running, but is truly doing it for health and fitness, that there is very little for me. All running materials, from books to blogs seem to be written by fanatics for fanatics (or at least with the minimal assumption that you will become one). I have grown very weary of people telling me to run for a cause/cure, to make a marathon my goal, etc. Really, I just want to learn to tolerate it, learn some reasonable technique, and not get hurt. So we will see. I don’t expect you to ever read it!

Dr Sharma – Just don’t tell me about it – prefer seeing you write on the obesity stuff – you have so much knowledge and stuff to say about it – but then, that’s just me! But if it motivates you – all the best!

You know what – it does motivate me.

I may not think of myself as a runner, but I am competitive. And I am not fond of humiliation – especially the public kind. So maybe that’s part of it. I have told all of you I am running. If I don’t do it – or at least make the effort, you all know.

PS – this is where I have to give a pitch for the Canadian Obesity Network – please check them out. And…if you are in the obesity field, you should also consider attending the ISORAM (International School for Obesity Research and Management) conference at beautiful Lake Louise (where I will be a speaker).


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